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Word Example of - exact

    Example Sentences for exact

    "Somewhere in the Land of Oz; but just the exact location of it I can not tell," was the answer.

    It will never be known what was the exact number of the slain, but it must have been considerable.

    What the exact nature of the danger was, Captain Gambier could not say.

    He made no secret of his determination to exact the London Treaty.

    I'm told that this is the exact way he counts on workin' it.

    In truth, they had as a body no consistent and exact theory of the Federal bond.

    What was the exact time at which the watchman's watch stopped?

    By the exact centre, each held a little handkerchief, black-bordered.

    The exact proportions of the slave trade can be estimated only approximately.

    I observed that the most exact care was given to the preparation of food.

Word Origin & History of - exact

    Word Origin & History

    exact "precise, rigorous, accurate," 1530s, from L. exactus, pp. of exigere, lit. "to drive or force out," also "demand, finish, measure," from ex- "out" + agere "drive, lead, act" (see act). The verb (late 14c., implied in exaction) is older in English and represents the literal sense of the Latin. Related: Exacted.

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