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Word Example of - exactly

    Example Sentences for exactly

    Though not exactly like the others, it had the all too familiar lines.

    Just exactly what she meant by living richly she didn't quite know.

    And I want to hear from you exactly what you were doing down there and where you got that ladder.

    “That is exactly what Hester said,” observed Margaret, eagerly.

    No two children are alike, and no two children have exactly similar needs.

    If you loved me as you once did, you could not treat me exactly as you treat Margaret and Philip.

    Well, then, when we get them exactly one in front of the other, they give us our bearings one way.

    "That is exactly the conclusion that I have come to myself," replied the Kaiser.

    The spelling, if I remember correctly, is mine, but the text is exactly as written by Mark.

    You didn't suppose that all the pigs in the world were exactly like your family—did you?

Word Origin & History of - exactly

    Word Origin & History

    exactly 1530s, from exact + -ly (2). Elliptical use for "quite right" not recorded before 1869.

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