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Word Example of - exaggerated

    Example Sentences for exaggerated

    There is an exaggerated forceful woman, the Vicomtesse de Fourchamps, who plays a sustained but obscure part in the intrigue.

    Those features are accentuated and exaggerated by the deformations which are practiced.

    They seldom wear the latest fashion and never follow the exaggerated modes of Paris.

    Her ladder was in place, but nothing much except an exaggerated icicle.

    And it was always an exaggerated quarrel—half misunderstanding, like most quarrels.

    She imparted her misgivings to Aubertin; but he assured her she exaggerated the danger.

    He spoke with an animation and earnestness that gave an exaggerated importance to every syllable he uttered.

    Lupin had not exaggerated when saying that they would go "pretty fast."

    Exaggerated as it all was, somehow the melodrama dropped away from it and left bare, simple, hideous fact for her to confront.

    Isabel King started them and probably she exaggerated a lot.

Word Origin & History of - exaggerated

    Word Origin & History

    exaggerate 1530s, "to pile up, accumulate," from L. exaggeratus, pp. of exaggerare "heighten, amplify, magnify," from ex- "thoroughly" + aggerare "heap up," from agger (gen. aggeris) "heap," from aggerere "bring together, carry toward," from ad- "to, toward" + gerere "carry." Sense of "overstate" first recorded in English 1560s. Related: Exaggerated; exaggerating.

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