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Word Example of - exaggeration

    Example Sentences for exaggeration

    It is no exaggeration to say that fortune had showered her richest gifts on Garibaldi during this campaign.

    There seemed to be no limit to the exaggeration of their professions.

    Trenmor is the sort of exaggeration of Childe Harold which a lively but rather vulgar mind might conceive.

    It is very easy and tempting to use the language of exaggeration.

    It is no exaggeration to say that during those days France was absolutely governed by the National.

    To avoid every possibility of exaggeration, we will place the number in this country at 30 in 100.

    The figure is gracefully accentuated; all the sculptural lines are discreetly indicated without any exaggeration.

    This, in a sense, was the truth, and in still another sense an exaggeration.

    The center of an admiring and curious group, he narrated his adventures with many a flourish and exaggeration.

    I criticize only its frequent exclusiveness and exaggeration.

Word Origin & History of - exaggeration

    Word Origin & History

    exaggeration 1560s, from L. exaggerationem, noun of action from exaggerare (see exaggerate).

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