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Word Example of - example

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    Example Sentences for example

    He cares nothing, for example, for what we call the beauties of nature.

    It was not as if they had surrendered and then imitated the example of the treacherous Ignacio.

    Simply consider, for example, those in our old singing-class.

    Ham was an apt scholar, and improved upon the precept and example of his father.

    For much mischief is done in this way, if only in the example set.

    The old Russian boyars were an example of such an aristocracy.

    Ha, theyll say that if I dont give an example myself, my family does!

    The loyalists were clamoring for an example that should stay the revolution.

    For example, the strongest muscle in the body is that by which one rises on the toes.

    He had some raw, untrained men with him, and he believed in teaching by example.

Word Origin & History of - example

    Word Origin & History

    example late 14c., partial re-Latinization of earlier essample, from O.Fr. essample, from L. exemplum "a sample," lit. "that which is taken out," from eximere "take out, remove" (see exempt). Oldest English senses are of "behavior" and "punishment."

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