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Word Example of - excavation

    Example Sentences for excavation

    Excavation in Palestine has failed to furnish examples of Hebrew work.

    The abutments were constructed at the street and the excavation was clay and shale.

    There may have been an excavation or pit similar to that in which the Hurons buried their dead.

    The sand was obtained on the site at the cost of excavation, or 1¼ cts.

    But at last I am rewarded, and the larva is just beginning its excavation.

    A long list of articles was found here in the course of excavation.

    "Now come, father," Doa Marianna said, as she seized a lantern and boldly entered the excavation.

    VII gives two views of this group of tombs during the process of excavation.

    Shann began his own excavation, a trough to lead from the waterline to the pit occupied by the obstinate shell.

    In the course of a year the excavation was completed, and all was made ready for a new trial.

Word Origin & History of - excavation

    Word Origin & History

    excavation 1610s, "action of excavating," from L. excavationem, noun of action from excavare (see excavate).

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