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Word Example of - exception

    Example Sentences for exception

    Here there was no food, with the exception of rabbits and gulls.

    With the exception of the flesh of the water-mussel, its food is vegetable.

    It forms, therefore, at present no exception to the general result.

    All, indeed, with the exception of Tupia, were in good health when they entered the port.

    With the exception of a few individuals, they are now extinct, but their myths have been successfully collected and preserved.

    Nor will he be an exception, as I have stated in the opening paragraph.

    With the exception of a few strong men who need suffering for their development it can have but one result.

    On the whole, however, nomadic life is at the present day the exception.

    With the exception of Bengal, this district is more plentifully supplied with rivers than any other part of India.

    Ishtar could not be an exception to the general principle and remain unmated.

Word Origin & History of - exception

    Word Origin & History

    exception late 14c., from Anglo-Fr. excepcioun, Fr. exception, from L. exceptionem, noun of action from excipere (see except). The exception that proves the rule is from law: exceptio probat regulam in casibus non exceptis, "the exception proves the rule in cases not excepted;" exception here being "action of excepting" someone or something from the rule in question, not the person or thing that is excepted. To take exception is from excipere being used in Roman law as a modern attorney would say objection. Related: Exceptional (1846); exceptionally.

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