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Word Example of - exceptional

    Example Sentences for exceptional

    But it is from this very period of exceptional stability that we obtain our only scale for measuring the rate of organic change.

    In some cases a local French name has spread in an exceptional manner.

    The girl was beyond question a most rare and exceptional medium.

    No. 226 was exceptional in the position of the entrance to the tomb chamber.

    It is curious that these three exceptional stones lie on the same horizonal line, having all the same specific gravity, 3.5.

    Exceptional genius is born of itself and it has no need of such assistance.

    In addition to being an observer of exceptional care while hunting and trapping, he spent some years in photographing grizzlies.

    Even without his "new theory," Stott would have been an exceptional bowler.

    He left a considerable body of writings on a variety of subjects, none of which is of exceptional merit.

    The common human qualities are more than all exceptional gifts.

Word Origin & History of - exceptional

    Word Origin & History of exceptional

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