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The Synonym of - exceptionally (adverb)

Word Example of - exceptionally

    Example Sentences for exceptionally

    On September 1, he conducted his service at Vartov as usual, preaching an exceptionally warm and inspiring sermon.

    There is an exceptionally pleasant, homelike atmosphere about the book.

    In which case Modern Ixion ought to be an exceptionally lucky person.

    For furnace linings, the quartzite or ganister must be exceptionally pure.

    In 1872 he was promoted commander at what was an exceptionally early age, but he died on the 17th of December 1874 of brain fever.

    If you and your affairs are where I believe they are, the terms I offer are exceptionally low.

    Casualties were not exceptionally heavy, but the strenuous work and perpetual stress of the nerves told on them.

    This was why he found the word "Peace" so exceptionally tantalising.

    This pleased Paula exceptionally well and she said he must sing it to her often again.

    Every player was tall and thin, and an exceptionally swift skater.

Word Origin & History of - exceptionally

    Word Origin & History of exceptionally

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