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Word Example of - excess-baggage

    Example Sentences for excess

    But it was only the foolish (who carry everything to excess) of whom this was true.

    Whereupon the scene acquired an excess of sentiment at once.

    I had cast off all feeling, subdued all anguish to riot in the excess of my despair.

    No sensation, no indulgence, no excess seemed to threaten me.

    A man I have ever thought wore the motley rather from excess, than infirmity, of wit.

    Pateley, as we have said, was not as a rule given to an excess of sensibility.

    Commercial interests are the essential consideration; excess of income is a matter of comparative indifference.

    The sky is blue, which indicates an excess of the shorter waves.

    There was his own, which he deemed it no excess of chivalry to fling into the gulf.

    Recklessly and without consideration did he plunge into every excess.

Word Origin & History of - excess-baggage

    Word Origin & History

    excess late 14c., from L. excessus "departure, going beyond the bounds of reason or beyond the subject," from stem of excedere "to depart, go beyond" (see exceed).

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