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Word Example of - excessive

    Example Sentences for excessive

    This disease is caused by an excessive determination of blood to the head.

    There is some truth in his compliments, no doubt; but they are wasteful, excessive, imprudent.

    His three remaining teeth were ebon from excessive betel-chewing.

    His excessive use of tobacco was one thing he knew she could not tolerate.

    Was it emotion, or excessive fatigue after her protracted efforts?

    They were minute and painfully insistent on the excessive use of soap and water.

    Now we come to the excessive urinary discharge which is so strong a feature of this disease.

    A few pieces of bark, overhead, sheltered them from the rain, and the excessive heat of the sun.

    His extreme reserve, which they ascribed to his excessive and ill-placed pride, had made him generally disliked.

    Excessive laughter, jokes, and violent gestures are not permitted.

Word Origin & History of - excessive

    Word Origin & History

    excessive early 15c., from Fr. excessif, from L. *excessivus, from excess-, pp. stem of excedere "to depart, go beyond" (see exceed). Related: Excessively.

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