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Word Example of - exchange

    Example Sentences for exchange

    They quickly agreed to exchange the produce of their day's sport.

    The exchange, the banking-house, were important factors then as now.

    Just then Fred entered the Exchange in search of a broker he wanted to see.

    In case the thrower fails to strike he must exchange places with center.

    We have some wool in loft, which we should not be unwilling to exchange for worsteds.

    They met there about as much to exchange river news as to play.

    We went out into the night, glad to exchange the atmosphere.

    Such was the home which this noble man had cheerfully accepted in exchange for the baronial splendors of his ancestors.

    "That settles it," cried the editorial writer to the exchange editor, with mock jubilation.

    As usual there was smoking, feasting, and the exchange of presents.

Word Origin & History of - exchange

    Word Origin & History

    exchange late 14c., from Anglo-Fr. eschaunge, from O.Fr. eschangier, from V.L. *excambiare, from L. ex- "out" + cambire "barter" (see change). Sense of merchants or lenders meeting to exchange bills of debt led to meaning "building for mercantile business" (1580s). Related: Exchanged; exchanging.

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