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What is a better word for exchangeable? What's another word for exchangeable? What are 5 "exchangeable synonyms"? How can I replace the word exchangeable? What is the meaning of exchangeable in English?

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    Example Sentences for exchangeable

    Utility is not the measure of exchangeable value, though it is absolutely essential to it.

    These rules determine what may be called the relative or exchangeable value of goods.

    The terms are exchangeable, the fish being often called a soldier.

    First, what is the real measure of this exchangeable value; or wherein consists the real price of all commodities.

    The essential quality which constitutes wealth, and without which it would not be entitled to the name, is its exchangeable value.

    Exchangeable value differs from the value of utility—book 1, end of chap.

    Supply is any exchangeable thing offered for sale against any other exchangeable thing.

    Cf. also Amasa Walker's contention that "exchangeable value" is tautology, equivalent to "exchangeable exchangeability!"

    Labour the real measure of the exchangeable value of commodities, 12.

    It must be noted also that I speak here only of the exchangeable value of labour, not of that of commodities.

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