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Word Example of - excite

    Example Sentences for excite

    An advance of a half mile daily was not calculated to excite the nerves.

    His fables are generally stale, and, therefore, excite no curiosity.

    What romantic element is there in such a tale as yours to excite the smallest fragment of interest?

    He disarranged his bed that his sleepless night might not excite comment.

    Its object was to excite and keep alive an agitation for the removal of the inequalities of the representation.

    The shades of evening will be on us in an hour and our dark mantles will excite no attention.

    They rushed towards the animal and flaunted their flags before his eyes, striving to excite and draw him on to attack them.

    I am not telling you a romance, in order to excite your compassion, or to create sympathy.

    Frederick's real virtues will not, probably, excite imitation so much as his imaginary excellences.

    It will be easy to excite passion and difficult to allay it.

Word Origin & History of - excite

    Word Origin & History

    excite mid-14c., "to move, instigate," from L. excitare "rouse, produce," freq. of exciere "call forth, instigate," from ex- "out" + ciere "set in motion, call" (see cite). Main modern sense of "emotionally agitate" is first attested 1821.

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