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Word Example of - excited

    Example Sentences for excited

    He evidently saw in me a mystery which excited his curiosity.

    The effect upon Tom was to make him excited; more so, perhaps, than he had ever been.

    The villagers stood in excited but quiet groups, and watched.

    And then what a set of pictures rose up before her excited fancy!

    My poor messmate was, however, far too excited to listen to reason.

    Then he threw off his hat as he always did when excited, and ran.

    But it was the rider, even more than the burro, that excited their mirth.

    I did not sleep much that night, I was so nervous and excited.

    So the public mind was directed to the question, and curiosity was excited.

    The females on the floor are excited to the wildest movements.

Word Origin & History of - excited

    Word Origin & History

    excited 1650s, "magnetically or electrically stimulated;" modern sense of "agitated" attested 1855; pp. adj. from excite. Related: Excitedly.