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Word Example of - exclusive

    Example Sentences for exclusive

    We want an exclusive story for the ‘Star’ if anything comes of it.

    How did this girl charm that exclusive and almost obstinate child?

    This brought an outcry against the admission of any professional working woman into the exclusive Civitas.

    Floyd Grandon has never been exclusive or in any sense jealous.

    Even the greater Society of the outside world is not so exclusive.

    The Arlington was the most exclusive and expensive hotel in town.

    Five thousand seven hunder an' forty pounds, with costs, an' exclusive o' new engines!

    The exclusive right to manufacture it was given to a company, on their paying for it.

    Oh, yes, if that's all you mean, I don't suppose we shall always be able in everything to keep up our exclusive position.

    It is the most exclusive flower-garden in the world, and is surrounded by a high wall.

Word Origin & History of - exclusive

    Word Origin & History

    exclusive 1510s, "so as to exclude," from M.L. exclusivus, from exclus-, pp. stem of excludere (see exclude). Of monopolies, rights, franchises, etc., from 1760s; of social circles, clubs, etc., "unwilling to admit outsiders," from 1822. Related: Exclusively; exclusivity.

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