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What is a better word for excursion? What's another word for excursion? What are 5 "excursion synonyms"? How can I replace the word excursion? What is the meaning of excursion in English?

Word Example of - excursion

    Example Sentences for excursion

    This is the one excursion of the city; its one pet dissipation.

    It would completely spoil the excursion to Dingleford woods.

    I lately made an excursion to a neighbouring village, in order to be a spectator of the ceremonies practised.

    On this excursion they met with a representation of one of their Etuas, or deities.

    Excursion parties can only be received by special permission, and not later in the year than the first Monday in August.

    “Probably she contains a party of tourists on an excursion,” said Stella.

    The next day was as fine as its predecessor: it was devoted by the party to an excursion to some site in the neighbourhood.

    There was never an excursion to the Islands that we did not join it.

    This excursion and this occupation enlivened my spirits and was of service to my health.

    The family had been duly prepared for this excursion by several smaller ones.

Word Origin & History of - excursion

    Word Origin & History

    excursion 1570s, "a deviation in argument," from L. excursionem (nom. excursio) "a running forth, excursion," from excursum, pp. of excurrere "run out," from ex- "out" + currere "to run" (see current). Sense of "journey" recorded in English by 1660s.