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Word Example of - execute

    Example Sentences for execute

    These are sentiments worthy of the man who could execute what he planned.

    He was then free to execute his purpose, but he must not make a riot.

    The army has to execute a considerable movement to the left about, in order to reach the right position.

    I shall never disdain to execute the commands of a fair lady.

    Basse evidently proceeded to execute the necessary measures to translate this into reality.

    But I beg that they may be such that he can impute no fault to me should he fail to execute what he has undertaken.

    He will make them to hear the words of life, and he will execute the commandments which he has received from God and from us.

    We "elect" executive officers who execute nothing but their own wishes.

    The musicians asked me afterwards whether we had players on the trumpet in Germany who could execute such soli as that!

    Saxton has had to go down more than once and persuade him not to execute his orders.

Word Origin & History of - execute

    Word Origin & History

    execute late 14c., "to carry into effect," from Fr. executer, from M.L. executare, from L. execut-/exsecut-, pp. stem of exequi/exsequi "to follow out" (see execution). Meaning "to inflict capital punishment" is from late 15c. Related: Executed; executing.

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