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"execution Synonyms"

What is a better word for execution? What's another word for execution? What are 5 "execution synonyms"? How can I replace the word execution? What is the meaning of execution in English?

Word Example of - execution

    Example Sentences for execution

    I said there were two things to discuss, the pretext and the execution.

    If it is your will, we shall remain only for the execution, then return to our own land.

    The execution was very precise, both on the part of the singers and of the orchestra.

    A man and a woman are essential to the execution of the panel game.

    “It is indeed a kind of execution, for this is to be my good-by,” he said sadly.

    The sublime plan which La Salle thus proposed, could only be carried into execution by the continuous labors of many years.

    It rendered the execution of the remaining men almost an impossibility.

    There was no one near, therefore, to interfere with the execution of Fanny's plan.

    This plan was adopted and put in execution without a moment's delay.

    But that was a threat he was never destined to put into execution.

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