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Word Example of - exegete

    Example Sentences for exegete

    As long as he remained in Spain he was only known as a clever mathematician and astronomer, not as an exegete.

    This, in fact, constitutes his real and permanent distinction as an exegete.

    He is ardently supported by Knenen, the exegete, his colleague at Leyden; and by Rauenhoff, the ecclesiastical historian.

    Palmieri was not only a theologian, a moralist and a philosopher, but an exegete.

    As an exegete and biblical critic no less than as a grammarian he has left his abiding mark.

    As an exegete he exercised a powerful, and on the whole a beneficial, influence on theological investigation.

    Both as an exegete and as a typologist he appears as a disciple of the Pharisees.

Word Origin & History of - exegete

    Word Origin & History

    exegete 1730, from Gk. exegetes, from exegeisthai (see exegesis).

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