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What is a better word for exemplary? What's another word for exemplary? What are 5 "exemplary synonyms"? How can I replace the word exemplary? What is the meaning of exemplary in English?

Word Example of - exemplary

    Example Sentences for exemplary

    If I cannot save her, I will avenge her in an exemplary manner.

    They are faithful in their religious duties, and exemplary in their lives.

    Every where I saw the most exemplary cleanliness and order prevail; the pupils had a very healthy appearance.

    The man was in his prime, and had been of most exemplary habits.

    The Burying-beetles display an exemplary domestic morality, but it does not continue till the end.

    Mrs. Rice is a lady of refinement, exemplary, and much beloved and respected.

    Thus does the virtue even of the most exemplary occasionally over-exert itself.

    And I am bound to say he obeyed that order with the most exemplary alacrity.

    He listened to my advice with exemplary patience, and then acted in direct contradiction to it—and never explained.

    "The actions of Tonda have been most exemplary for the past several seasons," he remarked.

Word Origin & History of - exemplary

    Word Origin & History

    exemplary 1580s (exemplar is attested from late 14c.), from M.Fr. exemplaire, from L. exemplaris "that serves as an example," from exemplum "example."