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Word Example of - exertion

    Example Sentences for exertion

    Or that out of the exertion and the pain would come awareness.

    Your love of our people and of me, my brother, will rouse you to exertion and self-denial.

    In the wretched state of my nerves, exertion of any kind is unspeakably disagreeable to me.

    His dark face was purple-brown with the exertion of stooping as he rose up.

    At last, sweating and trembling with exertion, they got clear of the worst of the snow and stood upon the edge of the trail.

    He was out of breath, apparently from excitement rather than exertion.

    A chivalrous action, an exertion of noble self-denial, seemed to be all that was left to me, all that I was fit for.

    Under the bidding of the liquor the faintness from the exertion and reaction was leaving me.

    After considerable delay and exertion she was got off again.

    Great difficulty in breathing; worse from exertion and after coughing.

Word Origin & History of - exertion

    Word Origin & History

    exertion 1660s, from exert + -ion.

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