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Word Example of - exhaust

    Example Sentences for exhaust

    Such strong, primitive types of Negro womanhood in America seem to some to exhaust its capabilities.

    They hope to make her exhaust her ammunition and then to board her.

    These only exhaust fifteen of the thirty-six, and we are unable to account for the remaining twenty-one ordered to be nominated.

    All these considerations do not exhaust the process under discussion.

    In short, she seemed determined to exhaust her energies and her anger upon the helpless and inanimate things about her.

    But the sting certainly does not exhaust the whole philosophy of the nettle.

    Where many books could not exhaust the theme, what chance has only one?

    Do not exhaust yourself; keep your hands quiet and tread water.

    It must take powerful engines to exhaust the air from such a long tunnel, does it not?

    Keep patient awake by rubbing; do not exhaust him by walking him about.

Word Origin & History of - exhaust

    Word Origin & History

    exhaust 1530s, "to draw off or out, to use up completely," from L. exhaustus, pp. of exhaurire "draw off, take away, use up," from ex- "off" + haurire "to draw up" (as water), from PIE *aus- "to draw water." Noun sense of "waste gas" (1848) was originally from steam engines. Related: Exhausting

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