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Word Example of - exhausted

    Example Sentences for exhausted

    The man was reeking with sweat, exhausted and in mortal fear.

    For a long time he sat, too exhausted by his emotions to think.

    They numbered seven hundred men, and were exhausted with hunger, thirst, and fatigue.

    By this time, however, their horses had given out, and their food was exhausted.

    The situation was changed; yet he felt too exhausted to disavow the servant's conclusion.

    There was a great deal of business to do this morning, and it has exhausted him completely.

    Some day I suppose I may have to write again, when my present money (Roden's money) is exhausted.

    Both armies were exhausted, as yet the great stake was not won.

    I thought I had exhausted my admiration of these winter forests—but no, miracles will never cease.

    As for Sancho, his whole stock of courage was now exhausted.

Word Origin & History of - exhausted

    Word Origin & History

    exhausted mid-17c., "consumed, used up;" of persons, "tired out," pp. adj. from exhaust.

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