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Word Example of - exhaustion

    Example Sentences for exhaustion

    As it was, all lay down on the snow, and from exhaustion were soon asleep.

    They both hung on securely to the lifebuoy, and felt little or no exhaustion.

    In the cab she drooped against him with a simplicity of exhaustion that was full, too, of content.

    We had done half the distance when Indaba-zimbi fell from exhaustion.

    While he was tired and muscle-sore at the close of the drill, others were on the point of exhaustion.

    But do not be too ambitious and work to the point of exhaustion.

    Exercise should be indulged in with caution, and care taken to avoid excitement, severe mental or bodily effort, and exhaustion.

    Don Vegal regained Lima, where he died with grief and exhaustion.

    In her large, wide-opened eyes, and in the whole face, there was the tense expression of overwrought emotion and exhaustion.

    He was like to drop from exhaustion, but he made no complaint.

Word Origin & History of - exhaustion

    Word Origin & History

    exhaustion "fatigue," 1640s, from exhaust in sense of "drawing off" of strength.

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