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Word Example of - exhibition

    Example Sentences for exhibition

    It is modern Belgian work, executed for the Paris Exhibition of 1867.

    To those admitted, the only exhibition was of the wounded, the maimed, the dying.

    And he actually sent back to the committee the money they forwarded to him after the exhibition was over!!

    The result of the examination for the Waterston Exhibition was announced.

    Omaha, where the opening performance of this exhibition was given, honored Will last year by setting apart one day as "Cody Day."

    There was placed on exhibition a famous Greek marble, a statue of Aphrodite.

    Within fourteen days of the opening of the Exhibition everything of any artistic value was sold.

    They lived in a little home just east of where the Exhibition Buildings now stand.

    The exhibition of the evidence showed how penetrating, how sagacious, as well as how industrious, malice can be.

    No, no, Susan, I'm not going to any exhibition; it's a secret—I'll tell you when we're out.

Word Origin & History of - exhibition

    Word Origin & History

    exhibition early 15c., from O.Fr. exhibicion, from L. exhibitionem (nom. exhibitio), from exhibere "to show, display," lit. "to hold out," from ex- "out" + habere "to hold" (see habit).

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