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Word Example of - exhilarate

    Example Sentences for exhilarate

    Though he had just heard so much to exhilarate him, he was not, on the whole, free from melancholy.

    Opium is taken as a medicine, but more generally as a cordial to exhilarate the spirits.

    Study well these books, sigor; for, believe me, you will find that they will exhilarate and improve your mind.

    That things always went as badly as she had foreseen did not exhilarate her in the least.

    On the other hand, the unexpected discovery of a vein of gold on one's farm will exhilarate the mind and banish a hundred fears.

    He readily assented to the plan, which, for some reason, appeared to amuse and exhilarate her.

    Unable to exhilarate his senses he sought to make up for the failure by treating his vanity to an exhilaration.

    What you ‘feel’ must be our atmosphere–its rarity, its power to exhilarate.

    Wine could only exhilarate for a moment, to be succeeded by a gnawing nausea.

    Yet his immunity did not appear to exhilarate the diplomatist.

Word Origin & History of - exhilarate

    Word Origin & History

    exhilarate 1530s, from L. exhilaratus, pp. of exhilarare "gladden, cheer," from ex- "thoroughly" + hilarare "make cheerful," from hilarus "cheerful" (see hilarity). Related: Exhilarated; exhilarating.

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