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Word Example of - exigency

    Example Sentences for exigency

    Von Hompesch was a man entirely unfit for such an exigency as then occurred.

    Here was an exigency against which she had failed to provide.

    It contains a secret that the exigency of the hour obliged me, against inclination or propriety, to lodge there.

    His speaking was unequal, and always rose with the subject and the exigency.

    God is perfectly sufficient for every exigency, great or small, and we only want to trust Him to know that He is.

    In this exigency the pirate desisted from his plan against the lady.

    He escaped with his life from this exigency, which was not little.

    The army was entirely unprovided with any means of meeting this exigency.

    I do not vindicate our mutual feelings; I may regret that they have ever arisen, especially at this exigency.

    It was not a soldier that was then required for Philip's exigency, but a scribe.

Word Origin & History of - exigency

    Word Origin & History

    exigency 1580s, from M.Fr. exigence, from L.L. exigentia "urgency," from L. exigentem (nom. exigens), from exigere "to demand" (see exact). Related: Exigencies.

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