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The Synonym of - exoneration (noun)

Word Example of - exoneration

    Example Sentences for exoneration

    I petition that it be examined, and a copy be given me as a safeguard for my exoneration in all particulars.

    Exoneration of landlords for conditions at Greenwood's Rancho.

    Listen, Florrie, here's something that pleases me as much as my exoneration by the Board of Inquiry.

    And as for exoneration—I dont agree with you, and Adrienne doesnt agree.

    I'll find this Indian eldorado and your grandfather's exoneration at the same time.

    There is neither judgment nor exoneration, but merely narration.

    She must for her soul's health believe that a day of release and exoneration approaches.

    This exoneration was far from satisfying Temple, who conceived that it rather injured than improved his position.

    The plea of exoneration was that those gifts had been freely accepted without pledging the vote.

    These misericords were exoneration from duties granted by the Abbots to the monks.

Word Origin & History of - exoneration

    Word Origin & History

    exoneration 1630s, from L. exonerationem, noun of action from exonerare (see exonerate)

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