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Word Example of - expansion

    Example Sentences for expansion

    This vapor is rendered intensely cold by expansion, and this cold is imparted to the water in tank a to freeze it.

    The partition of Africa was designed for the expansion of European markets.

    The degree of displacement of the fragments depends upon the extent to which the expansion of the quadriceps tendon is lacerated.

    Expansion joints are located from 20 to 80 ft. apart and are filled with tar.

    "I give you my word of honour," said Julien, with all an honest man's expansion of heart.

    This is the day of growth, expansion, creation, and re-creation.

    The connection between soil pipe and closet should be of lead to allow for any expansion of settling that might take place.

    The Maestro was triumphant; his chest had gained two inches in expansion.

    This expansion is due to the increased motion of the warmed molecules.

    La Condamine and Monte Carlo have reached the limit of expansion.

Word Origin & History of - expansion

    Word Origin & History

    expansion 1610s, "anything spread out;" 1640s, "act of expanding," from Fr. expansion, L.L. expansionem (nom. expansio) "a spreading out," from L. expandere (see expand).

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