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"expedite Synonyms"

What is a better word for expedite? What's another word for expedite? What are 5 "expedite synonyms"? How can I replace the word expedite? What is the meaning of expedite in English?

Word Example of - expedite

    Example Sentences for expedite

    I favor the necessary legislation to expedite these projects.

    The judges had given me a promise to expedite the letter the moment it was written.

    Expedite, then, your commissioners; sustain them with your energy; let them leave this very night, this very evening.

    He sat talking till 8.45, and then said he would go and expedite matters.

    I slid down the bannisters, not only to expedite matters but to save my ankle that had begun to remind me of its existence.

    Why not expedite your proposed visit to him, and tell him personally?

    Extended powers were given to Land Commissioners to expedite settlement.

    To expedite this proceeding we got another hawser carried on shore.

    You can expedite the matter with a stick or quill, by gently pushing them away; and another portion will enter.

    It seemed as if the elements had agreed to be favourable, and expedite the return of the exiles.

Word Origin & History of - expedite

    Word Origin & History

    expedite late 15c., from L. expeditus, pp. of expedire "make fit or ready, prepare," lit. "free the feet from fetters," hence "liberate from difficulties," from ex- "out" + *pedis "fetter, chain for the feet," related to pes (gen. pedis) "foot" (see foot). Cf. Gk. pede "fetter." Related: Expedited; expediting.