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What is a better word for expedition? What's another word for expedition? What are 5 "expedition synonyms"? How can I replace the word expedition? What is the meaning of expedition in English?

Word Example of - expedition

    Example Sentences for expedition

    The expedition was bound up into the mountains,—so it was said.

    If the expedition fails to get a good catch, the fault is laid to the men.

    This expedition fatally sapped the strength of the Athenian empire.

    The expedition had been poorly outfitted and undermanned from the beginning.

    The expedition was under the command of Eurymedon and Sophocles.

    Nothing could have been more favourable for their expedition.

    Thus far their expedition had been like the jaunt of a gala day.

    She did not want to be questioned beforehand about her expedition.

    This defeat was a death-blow to the hopes of Xerxes, and sealed the fate of the expedition.

    Jack watched them with no little anxiety, for the expedition was a hazardous one.

Word Origin & History of - expedition

    Word Origin & History

    expedition early 15c., "military campaign; the act of rapidly setting forth," from L. expeditionem, noun of action from expidere (see expedite). Meaning "journey for some purpose" is from 1590s. Sense by 1690s also included the body of persons on such a journey. Related: Expeditionary.