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Word Example of - expel

    Example Sentences for expel

    A feeling of unreasonable alarm besieged Uniacke's soul, but he strove to fight against and to expel it.

    And yet he could not rise in indignation and expel the visitor from his house.

    It took a campaign of three days to expel these invaders from the premises.

    There was thrust upon them in his person the very type that they were striving to expel.

    The proceedings attracted public attention, rioting followed, and it was found advisable to expel the evangelists from the town.

    It's about the first time that we've ever called upon the masters to expel a fellow.

    After this, though no attempt was made to expel them from the country, they gave little trouble.

    Many failures to expel the tænia are probably due to this fact.

    Marching with a trifling force to expel her from the north, he was surprised and slain at Wakefield (Dec. 30, 1460).

    Have you quite resolved, Sire, to expel all the Jews from England?

Word Origin & History of - expel

    Word Origin & History

    expel late 14c., from L. expellere "drive out," from ex- "out" + pellere "to drive." Meaning "to eject from a school" is first recorded 1640s. Related: Expelled; expelling.

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