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Word Example of - expensive

    Example Sentences for expensive

    He is superbly dressed in a fur coat and an expensive cigar.

    Expensive pests, these crabs; for they bore into the levees, and ruin them.

    There's a fine vein of quartz to develop, expensive machinery to install.

    But in the end it was the most expensive wine it has ever been our misfortune to invest in.

    Her palace at The Hague is pretty, but simple, while she finds the one in Amsterdam too large and too expensive for common use.

    The jail was so bad that an expensive guard had to be maintained.

    It was lined and carpeted with expensive silken rugs, for the making of which certain castes are famous.

    It is making an expensive experiment for you, but I do think it best to go on.

    But if this is rather a wearily long time for the planter to wait for his returns, at least it is not expensive.

    There had been other expensive gifts he'd have liked to keep.

Word Origin & History of - expensive

    Word Origin & History

    expensive 1628, "given to profuse expenditure," from expense + -ive. Main modern meaning "costly" is from 1630s.

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