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Word Example of - expert

    Example Sentences for expert

    Up-to-date, trade dope for the expert and ALL electrical workers.

    A still bolder manoeuvre is accomplished by the expert horseman.

    On the east and west faces, the cliffs and ice cascades appall even the expert alpinist.

    Here the shortest way out of the difficulty is to go to an expert.

    She was an expert in happiness—so expert that she could communicate her secret without waste of words.

    The child of his ingenious brain had survived the tests of an expert.

    With the skill of an expert, he hacked and cut away what he considered would be sufficient for a meal.

    He is a confirmed epicure, and at plundering hen-roosts an expert.

    The cutter is not as expert as the London professional, but he makes it just as indigestible.

    That is a question which has puzzled many an expert, and why?

Word Origin & History of - expert

    Word Origin & History

    expert late 14c., from L. expertus, pp. of experiri "to try, test" (see experience). The n. sense of "person wise through experience" existed 15c., reappeared 1825.

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