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"expire Synonyms"

What is a better word for expire? What's another word for expire? What are 5 "expire synonyms"? How can I replace the word expire? What is the meaning of expire in English?

Word Example of - expire

    Example Sentences for expire

    Joans twelve-hour time limit in Arret will expire at one oclock tomorrow morning.

    The revenue Acts were, one after the other, suffered to expire.

    His expectations were not realized, and he returned to his own country to expire before reaching his home.

    They would languish from this day, and might expire even in their cradle.

    If he can't himself decide on a goal he may as well curl up and expire, for the root of the matter is not in him.

    Another word, mademoiselle, in that strain, and you will see me expire at your feet.

    The second national bank was left to expire upon its own limitation.

    At length his candle, which had burned low, was about to expire.

    Or if some victim must expire, strike here, and I will thank thee.

    Here it was that the king lay waiting for the truce with France to expire.

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    Word Origin & History of expire

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