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Word Example of - explanation

    Example Sentences for explanation

    He had to face his landlord with some explanation of the bank's inquiry.

    I had indicated this place because I wanted to hear the explanation of the captain of the Islander.

    As for Will, of course he wanted to have an explanation too.

    "I'll come and have an explanation," said Paul, after a pause.

    If you have any explanation to offer, I shall be disengaged and alone till 11.30 this morning.

    Scott was satisfied with the explanation, for it conformed with what he found in his book.

    And Thad believed every word of the explanation made by Aleck.

    She nodded and smiled and he rushed behind the scenes to ask an explanation.

    Both these phrases were often mentioned by way of explanation.

    Scrooge knew the men, and looked towards the Spirit for an explanation.

Word Origin & History of - explanation

    Word Origin & History

    explanation late 14c., from L. explanationem noun of action from explanare "to make plain or clear, explain," lit. "make level, flatten," from ex- "out" + planus "flat" (see plane (1)).

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