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What is a better word for explication? What's another word for explication? What are 5 "explication synonyms"? How can I replace the word explication? What is the meaning of explication in English?

Word Example of - explication

    Example Sentences for explication

    Hearne remarks that the explication of this word warranted by Sir E. Coke is "a wood grubbed up and turned to arable."

    The phaenomenon may be real, though my explication be chimerical.

    The Explication––which Aristotle had in mind when he stated that every story must have a beginning, a middle, and an end.

    This explication is strengthened by what they did with their own fingers or their own lips.

    I am very much pleased that the explication I sent you, of the crooked direction of lightning, meets with your approbation.

    The explication of all this must be looked for in the sequel.

    We need no other explication of that esteem, which attends such of the natural virtues, as have a tendency to the public good.

    His argument in itself is good, but his explication of it is sometimes in fault.

    But so much for the explication of this precept, and the directive part of our discourse.

    For explication of this proposition, four things are to be opened.

Word Origin & History of - explication

    Word Origin & History

    explication 1520s, from M.Fr. explication, from L. explicationem (nom. explicatio), from explicare (see explicit).