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What is a better word for explode? What's another word for explode? What are 5 "explode synonyms"? How can I replace the word explode? What is the meaning of explode in English?

Word Example of - explode

    Example Sentences for explode

    One of these shelters will explode the shell or bomb, and the other receive the burst.

    But it was even worse than that, for there was no charge to explode; the pistol was not loaded.

    This boat was intended to pass under a vessel's bottom, towing a torpedo after her, which was arranged to explode on contact.

    In one case the heat was so great as to explode a pistol in the pocket of the victim.

    Matter in an unstable condition tends either to explode or to grow or to disintegrate.

    But this case'll explode that faith-quackery if anything can.

    The dust would collect upon it and char to black coals, but would not blaze nor explode.

    If he could explode the mystery, maybe it would give him a handle against his rival.

    If the water is 100 feet deep the bomb will explode at that depth.

    That if a spark hits a celluloid collar, the collar will explode.

Word Origin & History of - explode

    Word Origin & History

    explode 1530s, from L. explodere "drive out or off by clapping," originally theatrical, "to drive an actor off the stage by making noise," hence "drive out, reject" (a sense surviving in an exploded theory), from ex- "out" + plaudere "to clap, applaud," of uncertain origin. English used it to mean "drive out with violence and sudden noise" (1650s), later, "go off with a loud noise" (Amer.Eng. 1790); sense of "to burst with destructive force" is first recorded 1882; of population, 1959. Related: Exploded; exploding.