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Word Example of - exploit

    Example Sentences for exploit

    He means to have a glorious time and be back, tingling with satisfaction on his exploit, by a little after midnight.

    If a widow has value for any purpose, she falls to the heir and he may exploit her.

    The exploit of accompanying the Muslim hajj to the holy cities was not unique, nor so dangerous as has been imagined.

    Finally, Buonaparte would surely have been promoted for such an exploit.

    It was in your power, on becoming our employer, to exploit us, as the bourgeois do.

    You may imagine, also, what a hero Charlie was among the natives after his exploit.

    As his minister said to the king of Epirus, "May we not as well take our bottle of wine before as after this exploit?"

    The Governor alluded to an exploit of the gallant officer whom he turned to address.

    For this exploit Longshaw was cited in general orders read from every quarter-deck in the fleet.

    For this reason, too, there could be no repetition of Dewey's exploit at Manila.

Word Origin & History of - exploit

    Word Origin & History

    exploit late 14c., from O.Fr. esploit, a very common verb, used in senses of "action, deed, profit, achievement," from L. explicitum "a thing settled, ended, displayed," neut. of explicitus, pp. of explicare "unfold" (see explicit). Sense evolution is from "unfolding" to "bringing out" to "having advantage" to "achievement." Related: Exploits.

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