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Word Example of - exploratory

    Example Sentences for exploratory

    There was, however, another type of sweep used for exploratory work and also for sweeping in shallow water.

    Something was suggested about what he called an "exploratory puncture."

    Listening to a sudden noise is one of the first exploratory reactions.

    Let us accompany Mr. Dick in one of his exploratory rambles.

    Logic cares nothing about the exploratory process that culminates in inference, but limits itself to inference alone.

    The new response is exploratory and tentative, while habit is fixed and definite.

    While exploratory enterprises have been centred largely in tropical Africa, no part of the continent has been neglected.

    On these exploratory thoughts intent, I took my homeward way.

    The close of the century saw Science no longer the mere appendage but the actual basis of exploratory endeavour.

    Again perchance some get rich quick frenzy pushes you into the frozen regions in exploratory reconnaissance for precious metals.

Word Origin & History of - exploratory

    Word Origin & History

    exploratory mid-15c., from L. exploratorius "belonging to scouts," from explorator "scout," from explorare (see explore). Alternative explorative is from 1738.

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