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What is a better word for exponent? What's another word for exponent? What are 5 "exponent synonyms"? How can I replace the word exponent? What is the meaning of exponent in English?

Word Example of - exponent

    Example Sentences for exponent

    Whittier has always stood pre-eminently as the exponent of New England life, and for very natural reasons.

    Pages with similar import can be cited from every exponent of Nationalism.

    For while in treasonable loyalty he had a thousand rivals, on the road he was the first exponent of the grand manner.

    Afterward she had simply become in memory the exponent of an ideal.

    Gautier was never more definitely the exponent of romanticism than in saying "I am a man for whom the visible world exists."

    If you are the exponent of your code, that code is good enough for me.

    As an exponent of Plato he suffered from the fatal error of confounding Plato with the later Platonists.

    Gee,” said that exponent of classic English, “spot the lieutenant with a skirt.

    I was to marry Margaret, and freed from the need of making an income I was to come into politics—as an exponent of Baileyism.

    You are too much their exponent; what you do for them, they ought to do for themselves.

Word Origin & History of - exponent

    Word Origin & History

    exponent 1706, from L. exponentem, prp. of exponere "put forth" (see expound). A mathematical term at first; the sense of "one who expounds" is 1812.