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Word Example of - expositor

    Example Sentences for expositor

    No party of any considerable magnitude has ever regarded him as its expositor.

    The name chosen for this newspaper was the Expositor, and Emmons was its editor.

    Religious practice was regulated according to the clever or silly ideas of the expositor.

    It is, therefore, to us, the present expositor of the divine mind.

    That all is an ideal description of something which the expositor himself is unable to define.

    Every sentiment finds an expositor, every feeling an oracle.

    As a philosopher or expositor and interpreter of a principle, Thoreau is often simply grotesque.

    These and some others are discussed in a paper in the Expositor, May, 1909, by the present writer.

    The difficulties of the chapter are, as we have said, of a kind that the expositor cannot easily remove.

    But, as I have often said, Mrs. Unwin shall be my expositor.

Word Origin & History of - expositor

    Word Origin & History of expositor

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