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Word Example of - expounding

    Example Sentences for expounding

    Those who have not read Wordsworth on poetry can have no idea of the naïve charm and the helpful radiance of his expounding.

    For the moment Ike Webb had the floor, expounding his own pet theories.

    Had the grand jury understood the law to be as Marshall was now expounding it, Burr would not have been indicted for treason.

    The doctrine that his friend had just been expounding was not new to him.

    As a means of expounding and interpreting the Constitution itself, it can scarcely be over-estimated.

    An attempt was made at expounding and hearing the word of God on Sundays.

    Presently, however, he glanced at Taube, and remembered he was expounding the Torah to a woman!

    From a desk an ardent tabby is expounding, loud and long, on the rights of her kind.

    Expounding which, He says, "Since ye did it to one of the least of mine, ye did it to me."

    Indeed it most commonly misrepresents instead of expounding it.

Word Origin & History of - expounding

    Word Origin & History

    expound c.1300, from O.Fr. expondre, from L. exponere "put forth, explain," from ex- "forth" + ponere "to put, place" (see position); with intrusive -d. Related: Expounded; expounding.

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