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What is a better word for express? What's another word for express? What are 5 "express synonyms"? How can I replace the word express? What is the meaning of express in English?

Word Example of - express

    Example Sentences for express

    Nowadays the traveller gets into the train at Rome and goes south by express.

    Yet the first reasonable wish I express, you refuse to consider.

    If she was moved to express an opinion of her own, she generally hit the nail on the head.

    Express trains have third class carriages for long distances.

    It runs all the telegraphs and telephones and express business.

    These two lovers then express in a pas-de-deux, their mutual satisfaction.

    You descend in an express elevator car; in that bucket you just drop.

    It was quite nice to hear him express appreciation for some other line than his own.

    Another train had crashed into the Oxford express in the fog.

    We are here to express ourselves, not to fast twice in a week.

Word Origin & History of - express

    Word Origin & History

    express late 14c., from M.L. expressare, freq. of exprimere "represent, describe," lit. "to press out" (perhaps via an intermediary sense of something like "clay that takes form under pressure"), from ex- "out" + pressare "to press, push," from L. primere. The adj. is from L. expressus "clearly presented," pp. of exprimere; and it led to the n. (first attested 1619) meaning "special messenger." Sense of "business or system for sending money or parcels" is 1794. Related: Expressed; expresses; expressing. An express train (1841) originally ran to a certain station.