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Word Example of - expression

    Example Sentences for expression

    Excuse me for insinuating by this expression, that there may yet be amongst you some novices.

    And there was an expression of furious hate on his face as he looked.

    The expression of his face showed that she had said enough, and more than enough.

    Talking, rightly considered, is the expression and epitome of life itself.

    Still there was no trace of grossness in their form or expression.

    No one could tell what was passing in his mind from the expression of his face.

    A libel is still the expression in the ecclesiastical courts.

    But as a rule he kept command of expression, and words, and actions.

    She closed her eyes again, all the expression dropping out of her face.

    There is a need for expression which will win attention and impress the memory.

Word Origin & History of - expression

    Word Origin & History

    expression "action of manifesting a feeling," mid-15c., from Fr. expression (14c.), from L. expressionem, noun of action from exprimere (see express (v.)). Meaning "an action or creation that expresses feelings" is from 1620s. Of the face, from 1774. Occasionally the word also was used literally, for "the action of squeezing out."

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