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What is a better word for expressive? What's another word for expressive? What are 5 "expressive synonyms"? How can I replace the word expressive? What is the meaning of expressive in English?

Word Example of - expressive

    Example Sentences for expressive

    "Restez tranquilles," he says to the jeerers, with expressive and emphatic forefinger leveled at the group.

    The limbs are heavy, and the face large and expressive of great complacency.

    When they learned the manner in which we came by the horse, their countenances were expressive of real sorrow.

    Beatrice, who had been silent for some time, looked up then with expressive eyes.

    His features were well formed, and his large dark eyes were very bright and expressive.

    A shade of anxiety seemed to me to cross my companion's expressive face.

    The members are to be suited to the body in graceful motions, expressive of the meaning which the figure is intended to convey.

    She had chosen the name of Christian, as the most truthful and expressive that she could take.

    Winter's hands were crossed behind his back, and his fingers worked in expressive pantomime.

    He was well dressed, and his face was intelligent and expressive.

Word Origin & History of - expressive

    Word Origin & History

    expressive c.1400, "tending to press out," Fr. expressif, from stem of L. exprimere (see express (v.)). Meaning "full of expression" is from late 17c. Related: Expressively.