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Word Example of - expunge

    Example Sentences for expunge

    To expunge such an influence it is necessary to wash the bow in sand and water.

    When it reached there a motion prevailed to expunge all the records relating to it.

    In some respects he was worse equipped for success than at the beginning, for he now (p. 263) had a record to expunge.

    You'll have to expunge 'guess' and 'reckon' from your vocabulary.

    I either soften or expunge many villanous, seditious Whig strokes, which had crept into it.

    He recoiled from the disturbance of the Missouri compromise: they expunge it.

    Expunge from the Bible all record of actual revelation and reference thereto, and what remains?

    Mr. B. returned to the resolution which it was proposed to expunge.

    But the progress of events had rendered it necessary to expunge certain passages from the treaty negotiated by Sir Gore Ouseley.

    Why, by the way, did Wordsworth expunge from Michael these wonderful lines?

Word Origin & History of - expunge

    Word Origin & History

    expunge c.1600, from L. expungere "mark (a name on a list) for deletion" by pricking dots above or below it, lit. "prick out," from ex- "out" + pungere "to prick, stab" (see pungent). Related: Expunged; expunging.

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