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Word Example of - extensive

    Example Sentences for extensive

    The whole of this extensive plain consisted in lakes or swampy ground half covered with water.

    Extensive corn-fields were near the village, but the harvest had been gathered in.

    Forests are extensive and are formed of hundreds of species of trees.

    Among all these, the strikes on Gold Creek proved to be the most extensive and valuable.

    If the injury be extensive, the best thing the farmer can do is to slaughter the animal.

    An extensive employer of labour himself, he knew how to cope with its tactics.

    And that any extensive omissions have been made seems not likely.

    It is thought that the coal-fields are the most extensive in the world.

    The view was extensive and their efforts were rewarded by obtaining much topographical information.

    The ulcerative process is very often extensive and loathsome.

Word Origin & History of - extensive

    Word Origin & History

    extensive "vast, far-reaching;" c.1600 of immaterial, c.1700 of material things; from L.L. extensivus, from extensus, pp. of extendere (see extend). Related: Extensively.

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