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Word Example of - exterior

    Example Sentences for exterior

    The exterior of the basilicas was usually of an extreme plainness.

    A stone at the north-east corner of the church (exterior) commemorates him.

    Mr Vanslyperken did not much admire the exterior of the building, but it was too dark to enable him to take an accurate survey.

    In fortification, that formed by the exterior side and the line of defence.

    Drawings are here given of the exterior and interior coats, from specimens brought from Corsica.

    From its exterior it is scarcely to be recognised as a Jama.

    His exaltation is self-centred, is priggishness, his fall is unrestrained by any exterior obligation.

    As fast as the blocks on the exterior edge were exhausted, he drew on the heap.

    These are exterior disturbances, which make up a tenth kind of correction to add to the motion of our celestial barque.

    I was always with her, for she much loved the exterior God had given me.

Word Origin & History of - exterior

    Word Origin & History

    exterior 1528, from L. exterior, comp. of exterus "outer," comp. of ex "out of."